The Murdock-Whitney and Isaac Morse Houses

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The Murdock-Whitney House

IMG_3269 Built between 1820-1830, the Murdock-Whitney House is a living treasure of what 19th century high-style living was in Winchendon, Massachusetts. It is now home to the Winchendon History and Culture Center, but also countless ghosts from by-gone eras. Elisha Murdock, founder of E. Murdock and Company (which made woodenware and now cardboard boxes) and first president of the Winchendon Savings Bank, had the 22 room mansion built for his family. The home stayed in the family until given to the historical society in 2001.

Many ghosts are said to roam the halls of the Murdock-Whitney House. I am still collecting ghost stories.

However, we did have a very interesting thing occur on the third floor of the mansion. My friend Christy happened to bring a stuffed animal dog that also acts as a trigger object. The stuffed animal dog also has a REM pod in it, so if anything paranormal interacts with the dog, it makes an alarm sound and lights up either at the collar, nose, or back.

Christy placed the dog trigger object on the floor of the “Chapel Room,” which is located on the third floor of the mansion. Our team also happened to be the first team up there around 8PM that night , setting up in the ajoining room. We were doing an EVP session when I kept hearing an alarm go off, walking around the third floor, I noticed that it was the dog! Luckily, I captured video of our encounter, it is provided below.


After our time on the third floor, other teams that went up there that night also had the dog light up when asked questions.

There was a first for me at the Legend Trips event- I used a Ouija Board. Now, before everyone gets into a tizzy, nothing negative has followed me home, I have not been scratched, and no serious catastrophe has occurred (that I know of) yet. However, we did get some compelling evidence from the session.

IMG_3312The session took place in the basement of the mansion. A dark, field-stone walled place where windows are found in walls between rooms because of the numerous expansions.  Through an hours worth of question and answering, we discovered we were talking to the 3 year old spirit of a deaf girl named Mira. Mira, an African-American child, thought it was April of 1907, and was the daughter of a member of the staff at the mansion. She said that the man who owned the house was Richard Whitney, and was afraid of a man named George. However, most of the time the planchette just shuffled between “A” and “M” because she liked to see our hands swing about.











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The Isaac Morse House

IMG_3270 Built in 1790 by Roger Ruggles, the home has 10 rooms and five fireplaces! Isaac Morse and his wife Miriam Spofford called this home from 1775-1860, along with their ten children. Isaac had an additional five children with his second wife, Frances Stephens.

Morse was a large landowner at the time, and because of it had a lot of influence in early Winchendon affairs. The house stayed in the Morse family until 1939 when Dr. Alton Skelton purchased the property, which later was sold to the Dennis and Christine Porter. The house is now listed on the National Reigster of Historic Places. The Isaac Morse house has seen a lot of happy and tragic events, including a suicide on the property.

The Winchendon History and Cultural Center has recently acquired the Isaac Morse home, and plans to install a vintage soda-jerk, which they got from a former soda fountain, in the building along with selling vintage candy.




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