Welcome to New England

boston cemetery

Pardon the clean up of the HuntforGhosts website. Since I’ve moved to New England recently, I decided a good way to learn my local surroundings is by visiting some of the legendary places around. Since the places and people that I’ll be talking to and researching about are so interesting, thought I would share my experiences and adventures with everyone. In addition to learning the local lore that makes these places special, I’ll also be beefing up my photography skills. Actually, I have already visited a few places, but haven’t updated the site yet with their information! So you will see those adventures pop up in the coming weeks as I finish typing up those articles.

The first question I get from a local is “how do you like New England?” I quickly answer, “I love it!” There is so much history here, for the good and bad. Salem, Plymouth, the Bridgewater Triangle, Lizzie Borden’s House, the mansions in Newport, the Liberty Trail, Boston Common, the Rhode Island Vampire, so many interesting tales to be shared. Even the house I live in at the moment was built in 1749 and may have a ghost or two lurking in the shadows. No matter where you look in New England, it has a storied history.

Not that I don’t like the Midwest, it has it’s haunted charms as well. Those charms though, just hold a different type of character. The people who settled the areas tend to be a bit more recent and had different types of hardships compared to their forefathers in New England. As for Native Nations, there is a cultural difference too between the regions. All topics that I would love to explore more!

This weekend I’ll be off to Cape Code, Massachusetts. We’ll see what kind of spooky adventures I can capture while there.