Cincy Comic Expo Recap

As mentioned in the Friday the 13th page update blog post, this weekend (September 13-15th) was the Cincinnati Comic Expo (CCE) here in sunny Cincinnati, Ohio. It was my firs time at an “American” comic book convention, and to be honest there were a few culture shocks for me coming out of anime/manga conventions.

The major culture shock for me was just the fact that more adults were at CCE than, let’s say, Ohayocon or Anime Central. Most people were at least between the age of 20-60, a far different skew than anime cons where most of the attendees are between the ages of 8-25.

The other culture shock was fewer panels  and cosplayers and a heavier focus on the vendors/ artist alley. There were a few cosplayers, probably 100-150 I saw around the entire convention, and most of them were pretty great! A Deadpool won the costume contest for CCE this year, my friend said he had seen the same guy at Columbus Comic Con last year too.

The biggest culture shock to me was the amount of fan art sold at CCE. 99.9% of the art I saw sold at in the artist alley was fan art of different series: Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Ponies, Adventure time, Homestuck, mash ups of all those, were found everywhere in the dealers room. I was impressed with a lot of the quality of the work done by these artists, but was disappointed that more original series were not getting the love they deserve.

****Now I do want to note that CCE was my first American comic convention, all I can do is compare my experiences with the anime conventions to this one convention. Perhaps my impressions will change as I go to more American comic cons in the future. ****

Onto some pictures!