Mammoth Japan photo post part 2

Oh yes, it is time for the second MAMMOTH JAPAN PHOTO POST!

These are photos from April 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2013.

On April 13th we attended the Tokyo wedding reception of my long time friend, Junko. She was married in Okinawa and we weren’t able to attend the formal ceremony (which looked awesome) but she and her husband Junya had a casual wedding reception for friends in Tokyo. This party was the entire reason why we visited Japan this year! Twelve years ago Junko was an exchange student at my house,  a decade ago I visited her house in Tokyo and visited her high school. Many of those high school friends were at this party, and were very excited to meet me again! Kinda surreal actually. We also met a bunch of new friends at the reception too.

The next day we visited the new Tokyo Sky Tree! Unfortunately we couldn’t go up and take in the view from the top of the Sky Tree because the winds were just too dang strong. We did get some lovely photos of the Sky Tree and then got to go shopping at the mall that is in the basement of the Sky Tree (that’s where the Hello Kitty Store is!)

On April 15th we met up with my former host-sister in-law Tsuda-san in Tokyo. She is a big Akira Toriyama fan, and took us out to see an exhibit at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya for Dragon Ball. At the exhibit they had a massive time line display of events in the manga, plus dozens and dozens of original manga boards that Toriyama drew! That was the most awesome thing about the exhibit. I explained to Sporkrat and Tsuda-san different details of the boards that they initially didn’t catch; like white out to correct small errors, the bleed lines and how Toriyama sometimes just drew on the entire page regardless of them, the editors stamp of approval, stuff like that. Tsuda was amazed, and said it was neat going through a manga exhibit with a mangaka to explain what we were looking at. That made me feel great.

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I took over 2000 photos during the trip, so there are more to come!