Mammoth Japan photo post part 1

It’s here! It’s here! The day that Vegapunk uploads the highlight photos from her two weeks in JAPAAAAAAAAAAN!

Yep, I am now awake long enough to write down what Sporkrat and I were up to for two weeks (April 10-24th) in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Nara, Ise, and Chiryuu cities. This was very much a “hey, let’s go visit all our Japanese friends in the Kanto and Chubu Regions and do some sightseeing on the side” kind of trips. For me, this was my FIFTH time visiting, for Sporkrat it was his third and longest stay in Japan.

Thankfully while we were there North Korea didn’t decide to wage war on the Earth, there were no major earthquakes to starttle us Midwesterners (haha actually Sporkrat and I have both experienced a 6.0+ earthquake before….) and Godzilla didn’t rise out of the deep ocean to eat anyone.

We had a travel companion with us on the trip, Walter the pervy rabbit. It’s…it’s just that grin he has is so creepy for a child’s toy. Oh, and I do want to apologize for the lack of Tweeting and Facebook posts, there’s no free wifi over there which is a topic for later….

Anyway, onto spreading the photo goodness of the land known as Japan!

April 12th: Chukagai (China Town) Yokohama, Japan

We spent our first full day Japan, not in Tokyo, but neighboring Yokohama, Japan (the second largest city in the country). Yokohama is a huge international trading port, and was where  Commodore M. Perry landed his American ships in 1853 to open Japan to trade with the United States. Chukagai, or China Town, in Yokohama is a huge tourist attraction since it is the largest China Town in the country. There were a lot of Chinese and Korean visitors in Chukagai when we visited. Including a group of Korean Tourists who looked as if they had just strutted off the covers of Vogue Korea.

A note on tourists: because Sporkrat hadn’t seen a lot of “touristy” Japan, we did a lot of tourist stuff. There were a great deal of Chinese (maybe from Taiwan) tourists and South Korean tourists. But OMG there were tons from France. I suppose it was spring break and entire families would come to Japan during this time? Dunno.

I need to take a picture of it, but we did pick up a golden pig stuffed animal while in Yokohama. I’m a year of the boar, so I thought it was funny and cute. Besides wearing blisters on my feet from all the walking, visiting Yokohama was pretty fun!