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We’ve got big news here from VEGAart Studio (my new studio name): Miss Grey is now on Smashwords!    Naturally, I am giddy with excitement to see Miss Grey up for sale on a digital comic platform. Unlike before, the comic is broken down into different parts of one story, with new parts being added [...]

S.P.A.C.E 2014 after convention report:

S.P.A.C.E after convention report: This past weekend was the 2014 Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, Ohio. It was my first time going, let alone having a table at SPACE. For years I had heard about the expo, first learning about it from an episode of the old Webcomics Weekly podcast. Columbus is [...]


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Going to Comicology

Hiya L’s and G’s, If you have noticed, the site has gone through a little bit of a change, as in, Miss Grey isn’t up here anymore! “What happened” you may be asking yourself, well, Miss Grey will no longer be hosted on this site. Instead, it is moving to Comixology, a huge online comic [...]

Ohayocon (part 2)

Hiya L’s and G’s, onto Ohayocon part 2! So in Ohayocon part 1 I just talked about the convention in general and showed off all the commissions that I drew up during the course of the convention.  Working in the Artist Alley of any convention really limits the amount of “face time” you have to experience [...]


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Ohayocon 2014 (part 1)

The second to last weekend in January this year was Ohayocon, one of the larger anime/manga conventions in the Midwest and I think the largest in Ohio! In 2012 there were 12,500 attendees, I think there were many more this year (though, still waiting for stats).  Since 2004 I have been attending Ohayocon on and [...]

A dark day at Purdue

  My heart goes out to the Purdue University campus, all faculty and students currently there. Today was a dark day for the University, especially for the Electrical Engineering department, which saw a fatal shooting in its build today. Although I don’t know the victim, shooter, or any of the current faculty, they are still [...]



And the winners are….

お久しぶりですね。。。Or in other words, “Long time, no see” Sorry for my absence on the internet, sometimes real life happens and when comics are only you hobby (as much as I would love to make it my living) have to be set aside for larger issues. In my case, a close relative of mine had open-heart-surgery [...]

What I learned from participating in the SJIMC- part 2

What I learned from participating in the SJIMC- part 2 Let me briefly recap what I wrote in part 1: Shueisha Publishing opening up a Shonen Jump contest to its international readers. The gamble that contestants have losing their manga submission’s copyrights. What I suspect the contest is really for… What I do have to [...]


What I’ve learned participating in the SJIMC-part 1

Since starting my SHONEN JUMP International Manga Competiton {the SJIMC} I knew that I wanted to write a blog post after it was turned in about my experience doing it. Shueisha Publishing { 株式会社集英社 Kabushiki Gaisha Shūeisha} who is the parent company to Shonen Jump announced May 15th, 2013 that they were holding the International Manga Competition in [...]